Essentially COVID-19 Employee Training is for manufacturing, construction, and frontline workers. When online learning is not an option, use this training. Equally important, it’s complete, comprehensive and ready for immediate use. For social distance, disinfection, and PPE overall start changing critical behaviors now!

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COVID-19 Employee Training materials come essentially complete with handouts and Instructor Guide. This training is expressly critical for workers during the pandemic. Without hesitation, we must protect our manufacturing, transportation, and service professional altogether.

Moreover in nearly every case, prevention is no simple task. Evidently, prevention requires workplace PPE, disinfection and social distance behaviors to change. Therefore, successful employee training ensures your organization’s health and operations.

COVID-19 Employee Training Material

  • Immediately available 8 ready-to-print proven training Handouts with Instructor Notes
  • Coupled with 10-page Instructor Guide with setup, ventilation, PPE and cleanup instruction
  • Truly graphical training materials readily accessible to all levels of English proficiency
  • As well as easy to explain materials in PowerPoint and Adobe PDF formats
  • Fully customizable handouts for your needs
  • In addition excellent for webinars and virtual classes too!

Accordingly and with conviction, start training now!

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Important to realize, workplace social distance is challenging to say the least. Similarly, enhanced cleaning and disinfection mandate new procedures. Meanwhile, each represent unique PPE requirements. For this reason, prevention requires behavior changes in need of continuous reinforcement. In effect, signage triggers behaviors fundamental to the transfer-of-training.

Straightaway, put prevention top of mind by placing signs wherever employees meet. As part of your COVID-19 Employee Training purchase, you receive FREE signage! Explicitly, start reinforcing social distancing, disinfection and PPE workplace behaviors today. Thus, to achieve you goal, get 20 customizable signs for FREE!

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Wash Your Hand Like a Pro and COVID-19 PPE

Specifically, the Center for Disease Control recommends washing hands for 20-seconds. Yet, just as important, they does not say how. Perhaps surprisingly, for some, proper hand washing represents a workplace behavior change. To emphasize the importance, include hand washing in your COVID-19 training.

Expressly for this purpose, Wash Your Hands like a Pro as a starter. Without delay, leverage our ready-to-use training handouts with Instructor Notes. Essentially, hand washing is foundational to all cleaning, disinfection and hygiene procedures. As an overall bonus, the 8-critical COVID-19 PPE are provided too. Together with your goal in mind, start your prevention with clean hands!