For COVID-19 employee training hand washing is a primary control.

Washing hands prevents the coronavirus spread from one person to the next. Foremost, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends washing for twenty seconds. For reinforcement, some tell you to sing “Happy Birthday” twice. The problem is this recommendation measures time. To state the obvious, it does not tell you how.

Actually, how you do it is more critical than the time. When correctly washed, you need to move efficiently through the process. Otherwise, it takes longer. Likewise with self-checks, proper hand washing requires a behavior change. Before you don a face mask, wash your hands. If you need to wear gloves, wash your hands first. Moreover, your cleaning and disinfection procedures begins with hand washing too. In other words, it’s too important to assume everyone knows how.


Before your COVID-19 employee training hand washing activity, discuss how soap works. In other words, soap does not kill germs, like, alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. Instead, soap’s oily bubbles trap germs and viruses. When you rub your hands, friction lifts germs from your skin. After you rinse, dirt, germs and viruses go down the drain. As you’d expect, if improperly washed, germs and viruses stay put.


For COVID-19 employee training hand washing, watch Dr Samantha Hill’s two-minute demonstration. Dr Hill, President of Ontario’s Medical Association begins with turning-on the faucet. As a surgeon, her calm approach and thoroughness are admirable. For contrast, take a more frenzied approach and make the activity fun. Try this instead of counting seconds, do each action five times. Through the series of activities, see who can keep up.


If you’re ready, get your timer and let’s begin. For starters, wet your hands and add soap. When you can, warm water is preferred, because warmth activates the soap. As a warmup, cover the surfaces of both hands. Now that you’re rolling, start timing. To create friction, rub your soapy palms together five times fast.

With your fingers folded together, straighten them out. Then, rub up your left fingers five times with your right fingers. With the opposite hand, repeat this action five times. Believe or not that’s four seconds. You’re doing great!

After getting between your fingers, focus on the back of your hands. Next turn your hand over, rub across the back. Extending the motion, go to the fingertips of your lower hand. Rapidly, do this motion five times too. Place the lower hand on top and quickly repeat the action. Hang in there, you’re eight seconds into it. In other words, speed up! For the finale, corkscrew up each finger and don’t forget your thumbs.

Now, focus on your nails and turn one palm up. With the other hand, use your palm like an emery board. Like sanding, cross your palm side-to-side to clean your fingernails. Now, go down your palm with your nails. Pretend you’re screeching them across a chalkboard. After you cover the entire surface area, switch hands.

Almost through, you clocked sixteen seconds. Closing in, it’s time to wrap up! Put your hands together and go circularly three times around the world. Once you’re done, stop the clock. To sum up, how did you do? With the clock stopped, rinse your hands completely. Thoroughly, remove all the soap and wash COVID-19 down the drain. To finish, dry your hands with a paper towel. Before throwing the towel away, use it to turn the faucet off.


During the day, we touch many things including our own face. The best COVID-19 defense is to wash your hands frequently and properly. With COVID-19, hand washing is part of your PPE. Hand washing removes germs so you do not infect yourself and others. Your hands act as a vector for spreading COVID-19. Mostly, people infect themselves by touching their eyes, nose and mouth.

With COVID-19 employee training hand washing, employees learn to contain the coronavirus. Just as important, hand washing protects others as well. For proper handwashing, signage helps reinforce training. To limit the spread, proper hand washing represents a critical control. Do not assume your employees know how it’s properly done. To ensure this primary control, include COVID-19 employee training hand washing.

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